©TroutFarm – application for managing fish farming




Complete fish farm management

The ©TroutFarm software application is designed to provide tools for successful management of fish ponds, particularly those specializing in trout breeding. It has components supporting feeding management, sorting, sales, statistics, account settlement as well as other aspects pertaining to production centers’ activities.

The main functionality areas of the program has been expanded to cater for variety of breeding needs and approaches aiming for multilevel financial settlement disposition




Complete fish farm management


This application is created by an experienced fish breeder in cooperation with an established software development company and its functionality has been substantiated through several years of work and testing. This program has been successfully validated via collaboration with a several multi-species fishing farms to meet the ever changing breeders’ needs.

This application has been also found valuable for farms that were in the process of seeking production certification, by providing them with documentation means to satisfy the authorities’ food safety requirements.

We provide

A professional fish farming system management

Trouble-free, constant 24/7 access to the platform, ensuring high comfort of work

Responding to queries, new ideas and ideas ensuring application development

Monthly cost of access to the platform

Total security of stored data

Full data confidentiality

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Powered by ©TroutFarm:

“A very effective, intuitive program for fish ponds management. It enforced regular, effective data entry and stimulated discipline of workers. A perfect source of statistical and analictycal data for fish farming.”

Anna Skowrońska, Gospodarstwo Rybackie ZIELENICA

“Systemic separation of the hatchery and ponds gives more control over the whole breeding process. Thanks to separate settlements, the results are much more reliable and predictable allowing for more repetitive future outcomes. Such a division within a farm also means a better control over people, making them accountable for their work.”

Artur Stokowiec, Wodna Farma

“How was it before the application? In retrospect, running a fish farm on such a scale without this tool was quite difficult. On the other hand, only after several months of using the program it became apparent of its real potentital and which areas of the farm should be improved.”

Maciej Balcerzyk, Gospodarstwo Rybackie Łupawa

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